Dutch Corner Schools

 There were several schools located in Dutch Corner at one time.  Unfortunately, many of the old buildings have been either neglected or torn down.  Click on the underlined words to go to that page or picture.

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Helsel School (aka Heltzel School) - no longer standing, it was located off of Oppenheimer Road near the intersection with Belden Road.


Tomlinson School - no longer standing, it was located at the intersection of Belden Road and Findley Road.


Oakdale (also known as Greendale) School - only a couple of walls remain, it is located off of Imlertown Road, near the intersection with Dibert Road.


Old Stone School - it is currently standing, and has been restored several time.  It's located on Messiah Church road.


Pleasant Valley School - no longer standing, it was located at the intersection of Imlertown Road and Dively Road.


Crossroads School - is now the Bedford Grange Hall building on Old Route 220, at the intersection of Business 220 North and Chalybeate Road.


Cessna School - was located on Old Route 220, just north of the intersection between Old Route 220 and the I-99 entrance.


Imlertown School - no longer standing, was located on Yount's Road near the intersection of Yount's Road and Briar Valley Road.


Unknown Schools

If you can identify what school and what year these were taken, please let us know!

Unknown Dutch Corner School 1 - Teacher O.R.W Dively

Unknown Dutch Corner School 2 - Row 1:  fourth girl is Harriet Dively

Unknown Dutch Corner School 3






Thanks to everyone who contributed these pictures including Donna Ferguson, Mabel Koontz, Ruby Sellers Lough, Doris Pencil Reppert, Lloyd and Laverne Casteel, Troy Grub and everyone else who provided copies for the Dutch Corner History Group.