St. Pauls Reformed Church

                 Rev. Henry Heckerman organized St. Paul's Church in Cessna, Pennsylvania in 1862.  In 1870 a small frame church was built at a cost of $1,950.00.  Dewalt Hershberger (also called Dewald Hershberger) and Henry Koontz donated the land for the church, cemetery and parsonage (the parsonage building was demolished around 2005 when the congregation had to decide whether to demolish the building or hook it up and pay continuing fees for water and sewer, even though no one had lived in the building for many years).  The present church was built in 1882.  As for the cemetery, some of the oldest tombstones in the cemetery were moved from St. John's Church in Bedford to their present location after St. Paul's was built.

                 Many original members of the St. Paul's congregation had originally attended St. John's Church of Bedford, Pennsylvania, where Rev. Heckerman was pastor.  Some of these members were:  Henry Koontz, Henry Koontz Jr., William Koontz, John Koontz, Andrew Mellon, David Zimmers, Jacob Zimmers, David E. Zimmers, George W. Zimmers, Andrew Mellon and A.J. Wisegarver.

                On November 18, 1909, the St. Paul's Ladies Aid Society was created, the Charman was determined to be Rev. E.A.G. Herman, with the following people appointed to positions:  President - Mrs. E.A.G. Herman, Vice-President - Mrs. George Koontz, Secretary - Miss Dess Zimmers.  The Constitution Committee consisted of Mrs. George Koontz, Mrs. George Bush and Miss Dess Zimmers.  In the early years, the members paid dues of five cents, sewed items for other members, and sold sun bonnets for fifty cents each.  Early members included:  Mrs. E.A.G. Herman, Mrs. George Bush, Mrs. John Dibert, Mrs. Jacob Wisegarver, Mrs. Susan Koontz, MRs. Elizabeth Koontz, Mrs. George Koontz, Mrs. Aaron Zimmers, Mrs. Harry Heltzel, Mrs. Wilson Hoorehead, Mrs. Calvin Zimmers, Mrs. William McCallian, Mrs. Charles Koontz, Mrs. Samuel Crissman, Mrs. Laura Hershberger, Mrs. Harry Clites, Miss Mary Hershberger, Miss Anna Zimmers, Miss Grace Zimmers, Miss Edna Dibert, Miss Ethel Koontz, Miss Dess Zimmers, Miss Vera McCallian, Annie Dibert, Blanche Clites, Mrs. Levanies Dibert, Miss Emma Hershberger, Mrs. Rush Wisegarver, Miss Mary Hammond, Miss Stella Hershberger, Miss Ruth Naugle, Miss Elizabeth Herman, Miss Mildred Butzler, Mr. Charles Herman, Mr. Charles Zimmers, Mr. J.J. Hershberger, Henry Members, Rev. E.A.G. Herman, Mr. Bert Koontz, Mr. John Dibert and Mr. Calvin Zimmers.

Ministers of St. Paul's Church:

1.       Rev. Henry Heckerman (1861 to 1871)

2.       Rev. Ellis Kremer (1871 to 1881)

3.       Rev. Calvin Slagle (1881 to 1887)

4.       Rev. S. Charles Stover (1888 to 1900)

5.       Rev. Benjamin F. Bausman (1900 to 1908)

6.       Rev. Edward A.G. Herman (1908 to 1915)

7.       Rev. James H. Dorman (1915 to 1920)

8.       Rev. George K. Ely (1920 to 1925)

9.       Rev. E.F. Goss (1925 to 1928)

10.   Rev. J. Earl Dobbs (1929 to 1949)

11.   Rev. L.M. King (1950 to 1956)

12.   Rev. Harry C. Nice (1958 to 1962)

13.   Rev. Clarence Whetstone (1964 to 1967)

14.   Rev. Emmett Cleveland (1967 to 1973)

15.   Rev. John MacRae (1973 to 1984)

16.   Rev. Richard Lang (1984 to 1995)

17.   Rev. David Sarafalean (1996 to 1999)

18.   Rev. Robert Newell (1999 to 2003) (Rev. Newell died 9/4/2003)

19.   Rev. Howard Sloan (2004 to present)


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