Pleasant Hill Church 

Pleasant Hill Bible Church, formerly Pleasant Hill Reformed Church


The History of Pleasant Hill Reformed Church

Information submitted by Mabel Koontz from an unknown source.

            Rev. Henry Hecherman, who was the pastor of St. John's Reformed church in Bedford organized the congregation that became the Pleasant Hill Reformed Church between 1861 and 1862.  Surnames such as Koontz, Croyle, Dibert, Weisel, Ritchey, Philip, Reighard and Schnably comprised many of the members that attended this new church congregation. 

            The original frame church, of which Andrew Dibert, John S. Ritchey and Ephriam Koontz had been elected as the building committee, was started in 1861 and finished in 1862 at a cost of $1,100.  It was constructed in Imlertown, where the present church is located. 

            During the next forty years, though no records can be found which detail any church activities during this time, the congregation grew greatly, as it numbered 130 members by 1900.  By 1910, while Rev. Edward A.G. Herman was pastor, the congregation decided that a new church needed to be built.  The building committee, which was elected on January 10, 1910, consisted of:  Grant Dibert, David F. Shunk (father of Lloyd and Mary) and Elmer Koontz (father of Lloyd).  They decided that the new church should be made of bricks, which were then purchased from Cumberland, Maryland and shipped to Yont's Station near Imlertown.  Lumber was purchased from George Imler and Frank Dibert (father of Ray, Paul and Hester), who were paid $15.00 and $20.00 a thousand, as well as from Simon Shaffer.

            The original frame building was torn down and a cornerstone for the new brick church was laid on March 27, 1910 during a ceremony during which a sermon was preached by Rev. J. Albert Eyler, Pastor of St. John's Reformed Church in Bedford.

            The bricklayers for the church were:  George, John and David Stickler, George Moses and John Fletcher, who were also members of the church.  The carpentry work was all completed by the following carpenters and church members:  George Blankey Everett (master carpenter), W.W. Dibert, Grant Dibert, Christopher Dibert and David Shunk. The planing of the wood was completed by Riverside Planing Mill and Gifiney Planing of Everett, Pennsylvania.  Many of the church members donated their time and labor, including transporting the brick in wagons from Yont's Station to the church.  Frank Dibert hauled the lumber to the church, and the stained glass windows were purchased for $230.00 from Jackson, Michigan.

            The new church was finished at a cost of $5,890.18 (not including any donated supplies or labor), and was dedicated on September 25, 1910.  Items donated to the new church included:  Mr. & Mrs. John Clark (Pulpit Bible), Mrs. Jonathan Dibert (Communion Table), Miss Marie Wertz (Offering Plates), Margaret Dibert (Lamp), Mary Koontz (Lamp), Mary Shunk (Lamp), W.W. Philips (Masonry sand), Joseph Triplett (Foundation stones), Roy Imler (Plaster Lathe) and Otto Brothers of Bedford (Cornerstone).

Ministers of Pleasant Hill:

1.    Rev. Henry Heckerman (1861 to 1871)

2.    Rev. Ellis Kremer (1871 to 1881)

3.    Rev. Calvin Slagle (1881 to 1887)

4.    Rev. S. Charles Stover (1888 to 1900)

5.    Rev. Benjamin F. Bausman (1900 to 1908)

6.    Rev. Edward A.G. Herman (1908 to 1915)

7.    Rev. James H. Dorman (1915 to 1920)

8.    Rev. George K. Ely (1920 to 1925)

9.    Rev. E.F. Goss (1925 to 1928)

10.  Rev. J. Earl Dobbs (1929 to 1949)

11.  Rev. L.M. King (1950 to 1956)

12.  Rev. Harry C. Nice (1958 to 1962)

13.  Rev. Clarence Whetstone (1964 to 1967)

14.  Rev. Emmett Cleveland (1967 to 1973)

15.  Rev. John MacRae (1973 to 1984)

16.  Rev. Greg Hughes (1985 to )

17.  Rev. John Patterson ( to )

18.  Rev. Carl Wolfe ( to )

19.  Rev. Shawn McGill ( to present)


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